Since its July 9th,I feel the need to write something about my otp.
I think Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift are perfect for each other. I know Taylor was being immature for making Joe looked like a jerk and I know they broke up in 27 seconds phone call. But whatever. I love them together.


This story is called

one shot

"Hollywood and especially Jonas Fans,looks like another Jonas Brother is ready to step further. Joe Jonas has recently reported to be engaged with his 6 months girlfriend,Blanda Eggenschwiller" Giuliana Rancic from the E! News reported.
Joe has engaged? The words repeated in my head like a broken cassette.
He can’t be engaged. He can’t get married.
No. Not with her.

10 months ago,he went to my concert,asking for second chance.
He told me he was still in love with me,that’s why his ‘Just In Love’ video had a ‘Taylor Swift wanna be’ as the model.

7 months ago,I claimed to have moved on from our past relationship,Holy Ground was the prove.

I remember all too well.

I told him we’re cool and now we’re on good terms.

Now he’s getting married?
With that girl?

My phone vibrates.
The name that is very familiar to my eyes.
The name that has made me taste the bittersweet in love.

Joe Jonas.

I let the phone rings for few seconds before finally picking it up.

"Hey." I said nervous of what he might say.

"Hey! What’s up?" He said excitedly.

I know we’re on good level,we text and everything. I forgave him.
Now you could consider us as friends,but hearing his voice,it brings me back to ‘old times’ when he was mine and times were easy.

"Nothing.." I said,not knowing what to say. I’m in an awkward situation right now.

"So,I wanna tell you something." He said,waiting for me to say something but I keep quite.

"I’m getting married." Are the words that enough to break my heart all over again.

"I know." I mumbled.

"You know?" He asked,I didn’t mean to him to hear what I just said,but I guess he did anyway.

"I mean,I just watched it on E! News. Right before you call." I managed to say.

"Oh. Well..what do you think?" He asked,obviously deaf to hear my broken voice.

"Cool. You’re old enough for that. You both love each yeah,it’s great news..I guess." I faked an excited tone.

Honest,I’m not interested at all to talk about this.
I’m far from fine.

"Yeah I know. Anyway,I you mind to be one of the performers for our engagement party? Just to let everyone know we’re friends and fine." He said.

I’m not fine you dumbass.

"Uh? When?"

"Next week." He said.

"Sure." Are you dumb Taylor?!

"Cool,I’ll see you in rehearsal tomorrow at my house?" He asked.

We said our goodbyes.

The Day

I’m pacing back and forth.

I’m about to tell Joe my feelings or forever hold my peace.

I want my Jonas Brother back to my arms.

I don’t care what life takes for granted but I want Joe back.

I was about to get in his changing room when he opened the door.

"Taylor?" He said,surprised.


"Uhm? Are you looking for me?" He asked,not sure.

I nodded my head nervously.

"Is there something wrong?" He asked,worried written all over his face.

"Can I talk?" I asked.

He nodded.

"But promise me you wouldn’t cut me off? I just need to let this out of my chest." I said.

He nodded,more worried than ever.

I took a deep breath.

"You know that feeling of loving someone so much,you can’t let him go?" I said.

He nodded,unsure of where I’m heading to in this conversation.

"And do you know how it feels to think you’re fine and all,but when you look back to your heart,it’s never once been fixed?" I continued,I don’t even know what I’m trying to say. I’m lost.

"Taylor.." He cut me off.

"You promised wouldn’t cut me off." I said.

"I am feeling that Joe. I thought my heart has healed. But I was wrong. You could never fix a broken glass. And my heart is no far from it. I’m still as broken as I was before. You make me feel worthless. I never knew why you broke me up. I didn’t know what I did wrong. I never got the answer. You left me hanging there. You walked away like we were nothing while I cried my heart out every night to sleep. You act like everything’s fine when really Joe,you don’t learn a thing about me and my heart. You were the one who offered a forever and always. But obviously,its my love for you that is endless. Then again,you’re too blind to see." I said.

"I know I claimed to have moved on. But look at you Joe. You’re so in love and about to get marry. What worse is that lucky girl is not me." He was about to cut me off but I gave him a look so he stopped.

"I know this is dumb and honestly I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I’ve never felt so stupid in my whole life,but I love you. From the day I met you. I know I’ve been immature to face our broken relationship,I’ve been childish and all,but I was in love with you.
I learned and I always tell myself that you can speak now or forever hold it to yourself. In this situation,I’m not trying to get you back,neither I want you to take me back,nor I’m trying to ruin your engagement,but I need to let this out of my chest. You were my first love,I hoped to be the last. It seems impossible now,isn’t it?” I sighed.

"Taylor.." He was about to say something but I cut him off.

"I know people change and this things happen but I remember how it was back then Joe. And please don’t forget,today is July 9th,the day when I ran off the plane just to see you. Now I’ll feel you forget me like I used to feel you breath. Guess I’m that easy to let go,don’t I?" I smiled,leaving him standing there,in front of his changing room,wearing his black tuxedo,looking handsome as usual.

I just ruined his engagement,didn’t I?

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