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"But Joe,I love you" i said,my eyes were watery,my heart broke. Nothing left to care but his love.

"I cant do this y/n. Im sorry" he said,avoiding my gaze.

"why not? why? I would do just anything for you,isnt that enough guarantee I will never leave you Joe?" I said,in between sobs.

"I cant y/n." 

"Give me one goddamn reason why Joe" I yelled.

"because you are not her okay?!" he yelled back.

"her?" i  asked,crying my eyes out.

he kept quite.

"after all this fckn time and all you ever cared about was her?! do you even care about my stupid feelings Joe?" i yelled. i slammed the door behind me. 

I’m Gone.


Request for imagines? I do Jonas and 1D mostly.

send me Your Name,your boy and plot if you have ;)

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Long,hard week.

I just wanna cuddle with you,feel your breath against my neck,listen to your heartbeat and fall asleep in your arms.

i want a shoulder to cry,i wanna have someone to defend me,i wanna have someone to stand up for me. 

i want someone who will take care of me,who will put me first above any other that matters,i want someone who will treat me right and consider me important.

i want someone who will laugh at my jokes even thought they weren’t funny,i want someone who will always try to make me laugh and smile,to light up my mood.

i want someone who can let me be myself and free.

i want someone who tell me im beautiful in every way possible even though i wasn’t.

i want someone who understands me and will never complain to face me.

i want someone who will always stand beside me.

i want someone who will everyday,tell me how much they love me.

i want someone who will be by my side in my 5 million dollars moment and in my penniless moment.

i want someone who will accept me even in my ugliest.

i want somebody like you,

Dear Zayn Javadd Malik. 


sayin tumblrbotbotbotbotbotbot. yeah that.

#imagine Joe and your new born baby.

Lol sorry had to crop the pic. It was originally for instagram. But look,he’s so ahagHdajagqkwgmagqkagakagam cute.

What do you think? Should I make more of this edit?
Lol never mind <3 
Lets together stare at perfection above ;)

LOL I just can’t with life ajagbagahfa ah

Credit to whoever made the background pictures :)
July ninth celebration :)

I find this hilarious. The ball is somewhere else..while the two brothers fighting to catch it..I guess they both lost it. Lol ;)

And he thinks he’s a merman… 😜

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